Star Touched Souls 

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This page is solely diverted to the rules and regulations of this site. Please follow them. Please report any breakings of the rules to an Admin so they can be justly punished. Thank you and have fun!


1. Cussing will be tolerated to a moderate point. No excessive cussing and no use of the F-Word. Plus, these should only be used in OOC, since cats speak in their own tongue.

2. Equal treatment is a must here. No one shall be discriminated  by race, religion, or beliefs of any kind.

3. This is a Warriors RP site. No one should be RPing a human or any other animal except a cat. The only exception is approved plots.

4. Please post in the correct format. If you are in Character: "Hey, whats up?" Mousepaw asked, walking up. For OOC: (Hey guys, what time is the gathering?)

5. Absolutely no Power Playing. It is unrealistic and unfair. And please ask permission before critically hurting another RPers Character. This also extends to prophecies, which must be suggested and approved by Admisn and the Site Owner.

6. Do not beg any Highrank for a position, for you will most likely not get it. This will be dealt with in a simple manner of tryouts at the appropriate time.

7. Do not pretend to be of a highrank. Only those will highranks have authority. This also extends to enforcing rules, please leave that to the Admins.

8. No fantasy related things, such as humane names like Galaxypelt or Winterkit. Also, coloring must be realistic as well, no pink pelted cats! This isn't a video game.

9. No mentioning drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide or anything of the like. This is all personal information that is not nice to hear about. This also extend to bullying. There shall be  no bullying on this site. It will not be tolerated.

10. The maximum number of live kits must be kept at the reasonable number of 4. Also, if the number of kits exceeds 2, than half must be RPed by another player.