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Shadowclan Medicine Cat Apprentice Tryout

Posted on July 29, 2016 at 3:50 PM














Why the CHARACTER wants this rank:


Why YOU want this rank:




RP Sample: {Preferably not healing}


Do you currently own another high rank:


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Reply Frozen (Meg)
10:20 AM on October 11, 2016 
*if this is closed please ignore*
Name: Frozenpaw
Gender: Female
Age: 6 moons
Personality: Quiet, shy, feverently loyal
Backstory: Frozenpaw has a problem saying no, and on one such occasion she had a run-in with a fox exploring with a denmate. They both got away after a warrior saved them, but she had some trouble with her right eye after the incident. Her right eye was blurry, and it made it harder (but not impossible) to hunt or fight.
Appearance: A pale ginger tabby with beautiful blue eyes, her right eye slightly clouded.
Why the CHARACTER wants this rank: Because she feels she'd be better at healing than at hunting or fighting, due to her disability.
Why YOU want this rank: Because I enjoy helping in any way possible, and this is just one way to do so.
Activity: I can be rather active. I am on WCP ShadowClan almost 24/7, and I have a senior warrior on there.
RP Sample: {Preferably not healing} Frozenpaw watched the other cats in the clearing, tilting her head slightly so her good eye caught whatever she was trying to see. She carefully avoided the gazes of other cats, and her brilliant blue gaze landed on a butterfly across the clearing, watching it flutter with a sort of fascination.
Do you currently own another high rank: Nope
Reply G E M
4:32 PM on September 3, 2016 
Name: Pointedpaw (Later Pointedeyes)
Gender: Male
Age: 7 moons, but his size makes him look older
Personality: Humorous, Mature, Smart, and Quiet
Backstory: Pointedpaw looks like he has a perfect life, and nothing's really wrong with him. But sadly, this apprentice is deaf, and it only took one training session to find out. When Pointedpaw was training with his old mentor, she tried to tell him some basic hunting moves. No response. So she tried again. No response... So she asked the medicine cat about it, and found out he was deaf. It was devastating. Rumors started, saying that Pointedpaw would have to become an elder, or he would become a dull apprentice forever... But his littermates doubted this, and taught him a cure: Sign Language. The apprentice now understands gestures and body language more than anyone else. He proved himself as a real apprentice, and will still work hard to do it. There is also another cure: If you press your muzzle gently agaisnt his ear, and softly whisper, you just might get a response from him.
Appearance: Dirty blonde (or gold..) longhair. Fur can get messy sometimes, which makes him look not so bright.
Why CHARACTER Wants This Rank: So he could help and cure others, just like his littermates did for him.
Why I Want This Rank: I think RPing a doctor/healer/medicine cat is fascinating, and I have also rped a medicine person before.
Activity: On a scale to one to ten, an 8. I have school on the weekdays, so I'll be on at 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM. Weekends are just anytime XD
RP Sample: Pointedpaw padded out of the Medicine Den, tasting the air. He looked at some of the cats chatting, focusing on their gestures. He guessed they were talking about leaf-fall coming, as they were pointing at the old leaves with their noses. Now it was time to explore what everyone else was doing,
Do You Currently Own Another Highrank?: Yes, I own a healer (it's a Medicine person) on an owl RP site.
Reply Evening the Dark Warlock
12:08 PM on August 31, 2016 
Name: Dawnpaw
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Moons
Personality: Doesn't like fighting, learns quickly, generally friendly and likes to make friends, good memory
Backstory: Just a simple Clanborn cat who doesn't like fighting and wants to do something productive, like healing (duh)(not really that good of a backstory, but I find a lack of normal cats on most wcrp sites)
Appearance: Bengal with sparkling emerald eyes, always has a grin, long tail
Why the CHARACTER wants this rank: Because she doesn't like to fight and wants to do something productive that wouldn't involve fighting
Why I want the rank: Because I've only had one medicine cat before, and this would be good experience for both medicine cat and a female cat
RP Sample: Dawnpaw padded out of the Medicine Den into the camp, ever present smile on her face, feeling the cool breeze rush over her pelt comfortably as the warm sun beamed down on her, enjoying life {a rather simple intro}
No other high ranks
Pretty active, on a lot