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Shadowclan Deputy Tryouts

Posted on April 26, 2016 at 11:15 AM







RP Example:


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Reply Shadow kit &others (queen of dumbness)
11:03 PM on June 6, 2016 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Shadow kit &others (queen of dumbness)
10:55 PM on June 6, 2016 
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Reply Shocky and Co. (Shockstar)
7:53 PM on April 27, 2016 
Of course you can!!!
Reply Pine (Shady)
6:41 PM on April 27, 2016 
Actually,take that back. Can I change this tryout for meddie cat of ShadowClan instead?
Reply Pine (Shady)
8:13 PM on April 26, 2016 
Name: Pinebrook
Why: I've always enjoyed serving a Clan, and I'll be able to serve it more as a deputy. Also, I don't think I'm ready for the leader position just yet, and I'm not mush of a medicine cat type.
Gender: Female
Personality: Like a Brook. Pinebrook is sometimes soft but sometimes angry and unstoppable. Also, she is very loud but can be quiet when it is the right time.
Background: Pinebrook was once a rogue named Pine who had lived a normal life except that she had seen a fox attack her mother, which led to her father sacrificing himself for his kin. She lived on her own for a while, and after all she joined ShadowClan because they were friends with her father.
Rp example: The young, newly appointed deputy dipped her head in respect to her leader, though she was mostly focused on holding back a cheer. Pinebrook looked up to her leader, and her paws were shaking with excitement. "I am proud to serve as your deputy for many moons to come."
Activeness on a scale of one to ten: About an eight or seven, though I may poof a lot.
Reply Shocky and Co. (Shockstar)
3:54 PM on April 26, 2016 
Welp, since I like ur charrie, plus ur activeness, plus I don't see any other posts on here..... U WIN!!!!
Reply Starling
3:51 PM on April 26, 2016 
Name: Loveheart
Why: It just seems like a big role. I want to feel important to the site.
Gender: Female (my gender in real-life is Male)
Personality: Cheerful, loyal, peaceful
Background: She has 100% ShadowClan Blood. She is very friendly, and tries to figure out a problem without violence, but she will fight if she has to.
RP Example: Loveheart was on a border patrol along the ThunderClan border. Suddenly a cat came running from the other side of the border, chasing a squrriel. "Stop, you ThunderClan mousebrain!" One of the cats in the patrol hissed. Two cats hissed, and unsheathed their claws. "Stop! Don't fight!" Loveheart yowled. The two cats stopped, and looked at her, and sheathed their claws. "Go, back to your own side of the border." She said to the ThunderClan cat.
Activeness: I'm on everyday, maybe not to often, but at least twice a day.